Legal support: what options are there for homeless people in florida?

A number of reports suggest Florida might be the number one state in the nation in terms of criminalization of therefore Florida needs to adopt such a measure for the options of the basic human rights and laws of homeless people more than any other state.

Options of Legal support for the homeless in Florida

The Right To Housing

Right to housing a basic right of human, as stated in Article-25 of the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), which clearly right to a standard of living adequate for the well-being and health of himself and his family, including clothing, food, medical care, housing and essential social services, and the right of security in the event of jobless, disability, sickness, widowhood, old age or other absence of livelihood in conditions of his control.

The Right To Equal Treatment

The proper right to equal treatment under the rule by all state, municipal agencies and county, without recrimination on the basis for housing status of the source of takings, and equal protection of the rules and due procedure by rule enforcement and processing agencies and the state courts;

The Right To Employment Fairness

The option not to face discrimination in obtaining, seeking or maintaining a job due to the absence of a permanent home or a permanent address, or because the mailing address is that of a homeless shelter, or a social service provider or homeless;

The Right To Personal Safety

The right or individual safety, which shall include safety from violence based upon housing status and rule enforcement and the attorney general’s reporting and recording all such incidents; Accident attorneys in South Florida like LSC Law Can support you in this regard.

The Right To Enjoy Public Space

The option to use move easily in public places, including sitting, sleeping, laying down or resting, which shall include but not be limited to open sidewalks, public transportation, public parks and public buildings, in the same way as any other person and without discrimination on the basis of his/her housing status;

The Right To Rest

The option to rest in temporary shelter, such as any lawfully parked motor or recreational car or self erected shelter, on the open, or with holder’s permission, private property, for the matter of immediate survival of persons, and their pets, without any harassment by rule enforcement officials and others;



The Right To Medical Treatment

Medical care right, free form discrimination based on housing status, all humans beings regardless of housing status, have similar needs to defecate, access clean water and urinate and other living necessities.

The Right To Vote

The right to vote casting or register to vote and receive paper necessary to prove ID for voting without discrimination due to housing status;

The Right To Personal Property

The option to the protection of property, in accordance with article one, section nine of the state, which states no person shall be deprived of life, property or liberty without due procedure of rue which includes:

  • The preservation of personal identification and data
  • Storing un-housed people belongings for 2 months without charge
  • The right to a responsible expectation of privacy in her/his personal property



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